Hi! I'm Sebastian Klingler. I'm a UI engineer with a passion for building effective & maintainable systems.

Polymorphism in TypeScript

10 December, 2019

After being inspired by John DeGoes’ article Insufficiently Polymorphic I gave a talk at the Dallas ReactJS Meetup about polymorphism and type parameters in TypeScript. Check out the presentation here!Read More

Functional Front-End with Vue and Purescript

06 April, 2019

I often find myself in situations where I am hesitant to make a change because it’s impossible to tell what will break. When many things implicitly depend on one another, there is no risk-free change. Rich Hickey (the creator of Clojure…Read More

Styling in Cycle.js

17 June, 2018

After falling in love with Cycle.js for it’s explicit, functional, and reactive paradigm, I realized that there was no accepted way to manage the styling of a large application. Snabbdom provides a style module, but it merely applies inline…Read More

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